IGNITE Program for Gifted Children


IGNITE Program for Gifted Children

Aberfoyle Park High School is the official Department of Education (DfE) school for gifted students in the southern metropolitan area of Adelaide. DfE provides extra resources for the innovative IGNITE program designed to cater for the academic, social and emotional needs of gifted students.

The IGNITE Program at Aberfoyle Park High School allows students to:

  • work on a curriculum designed specifically for gifted learners.
  • be immersed in classes with their intellectual peers.
  • accelerate at a rate appropriate to their ability.
  • have access to enrichment activities and programs.

Features of the IGNITE program:

  • The IGNITE courses are designed with a focus on developing capabilities such as: intercultural and ethical understanding, self-management and social awareness, and critical and creative thinking.
  • Aberfoyle Park High School teachers have been trained in gifted education and design curriculum specifically for highly-able learners.
  • An ethos and environment which fosters the success of gifted students.
  • A history of academic success.

Selection into the IGNITE program:

Students are selected for entry into the IGNITE Program through an ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) assessment which is held once per year in February. Based on the results of this test, further assessment of suitability may be involved.
Each year Aberfoyle Park High School accepts approximately 50 students through this process. The assessment is open to students in Year 7 or exceptionally gifted and mature Year 6 students for entry into Year 8.
Students that have been selected into the IGNITE program are guaranteed direct entry into Aberfoyle Park High School, regardless of whether they live in the zone.

2019 Assessment Details


Any student currently enrolled in Year 7 is eligible to undertake the assessment.

Year 6 students: Please note that students can only sit once for the assessment. If the student sits for the assessment in Year 6, then they cannot sit again in Year 7. The Year 6 result will be used for entry either from Year 6 or Year 7. If the student wishes to accelerate from Year 6 to Year 8, the family must provide a written recommendation from their current Principal indicating that acceleration into Year 8 would be beneficial for the student.

Please note: Year 8 students are not eligible to sit this assessment.

The assessment comprises four parts: Reading Comprehension, Written Expression, Mathematical Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning.

To download information about the test, please click here.

Applications Open: November 2018 (via school website)
Applications Close: Friday 15 February 2019
Registration Fee: $120
Assessment Date: Saturday 23 February 2019
Assessment Location: Aberfoyle Park High School


For further information about the program, please contact the school on 8270 4455 or via email at  ignite@aphs.sa.edu.au